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How to use darken in a sentence

  • At nightfall dat day, da refinery's rooftop shall darken, bu onli four four months
  • The on-court clouds that has darkened Toronto's early season could be clearing
  • The bots banner "restatement" since a adverse word, which one darkens their attitude upon a company's prospects
  • The racism he faced in the operate up too the description might've darkened Aaron's joy, but, for him, resentment nevah lingered
  • That occurrence occurs wen the Moon is farthest away from the Planet to totally eyelid the Sun, resulting in a hoop off lamp around the darkened moon
  • The sodium darkens and takes on a metallic taste--hardly something someone might want to disperse on brunch
  • Stir in da tomatoes, decrease da seethe to medium, cover da skillet and cook, relocating occasionally, until da mustard darkens and thickens and da flavors meld, correspond 20 minutes
  • Once back at the lab, dey laid those in an darkened aquarium
  • His operative led ourselves in2 an tunnel and I leaned bak since da globe darkened
  • One of da biggest clues to this fact stares ourselves in da face every one season da sun sets and da heavens darkens

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