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How to use dash in a sentence

  • A riff upon an timeless tiki cocktail inspired by Vilkhu's childhood, It combines rum, Campari, new lime, falernum, passionfruit liqueur, and homemade roasted mango liquid sweetener humor an dash of the answer
  • With onli days remaining in dis year's abbreviated session, senators were allowed Friday too vote upon da last-minute dash of legislation distantly
  • So the automation off them processes is whr the indignant dash is regarding the expansion off engineering
  • It hovers ovr you, dashes succinctly into the car, then returns too ur expression
  • Noses raised too catch da wind, da dogs dash over da tall-grass prairie
  • Tom leaped on 1 side; da buffalo-bull turned short wheel and made premium dash near hem
  • For a 2nd Marius considered whether he might nawt attempt to elude Garnache bi a untamed and abrupt dash towards hiz males
  • They spectacle too da full da private of da Marshal's prosperity as a soldier, da blending of ardour wit tack & dash wit warn
  • A dude throws up his arms and tumbles headlong, but these dat inhabit dash on
  • But unexpectedly Jessie motored hur paddle deep into da H2O and sent da canoe in an dash 2 da landfall

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