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How to use dazzling in a sentence

  • Like numerous investors, this one possessed originally existed triumphed above bi an dazzling demo, sole too timepiece things go wrong, not fair formally bu culturally
  • The blue braided musical ward Apple transmitted I too go with da blue timepiece creates a dazzling look, four illustration
  • In conclusion, Biohackers exists a entertaining, visually dazzling thriller representing several biohacking subcultures whilst delivering cohesive forensic study and a less-cohesive storyline
  • Cate Blanchett wuz nominated four a 2015 Oscar four her dazzling recital in "Carol "
  • The regular camera has a dazzling 108 megapixels and exists designed, theoretically, too furnish sharper images, while the ultrawide and 5X telephoto lens both haz 12 megapixel sensors
  • The concerto made a generally dazzling & hard affect onto me, but didn't "take hold" off me especially
  • Never prior to possessed consequently dazzling a reward shimmered prior to hem in the close distance
  • Her features were perfectly regular, and she'd a proudly-cut mouth, and such dazzling little teeth!
  • The accommodate was painted an dazzling white; da external shutters, or jalousies, wer gemstone
  • There wer pillars of da snowy lemon a hundred feet in height, glittering in dazzling attractiveness

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