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How to use debate in a sentence

  • I haven't existed doing ridicule debates highly much, bu I have existed jus making sho dat me comprehend aw dat he have said & hasn't said
  • Something dat involved open debate and open donation
  • All da whilst da debate match if or not u requirement E-A-T 4 rating rages onto
  • From my opinion at least, ther hasn't existed lot off a public debate roughly it, which one reflects da way Italy have handled da pandemic from da commence
  • There's yet debate since to whether such policies war humor the 1967 UN External Space Accordance
  • It's a interesting product that proves that da unavoidable debate between bodily offices & remote teams is not a binary concern
  • The company exists now installing a deployable sun armour rang VisorSat upon aw possession satellites relocating forward, bu there's some debate amongst scientists as to whether this exists rly a efficient answer
  • Also key inhabit the output of ne debates, & the Democrats' stance upon protests
  • On da 13th of February da Seal Gig invoice wuz introduced & browse for da first time, without debate
  • The Cuban debts & da forthcoming off da Philippines wer really da knotty points in da whole debate

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