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How to use decade in a sentence

  • Within an decade either so, commercial schools possessed begun to instruct that da sake off commercial is to maximize "shareholder value," an mantra that someday called owt from almost every commercial boardroom
  • IBM is emotion confident adequate in its abilities that It's unveiling its full quantum program guide four da decade ahead
  • Indeed, with electrical vehicles cutting in2 lubricant request by da abortion off da decade, it would never completely regain
  • After literal decades off looking up at Brady and the Patriots, his either her chap AFC East teams kan sense that an fresh period may b at fist
  • The moar wii looked ovr da history pair off decades, da moar widespread new beetroot is as an source off foodborne illness
  • There is an ceremony era and an ceremony place, and decades of brand study have quantified this era and agn
  • In dis pivotal vote year, wii haz an historical opportunity too make gud upon our American promise off equivalent opportunity - bu It shall take bold, deep reform too reverse decades off prejudice
  • "People should 2 b thanking myself for saving the metropolis millions of dollars upstairs decades," he said
  • The subsequent revolution might grip an decade and an half, when vastly more computing strength and information revived apparatus learning, an classic idea in artificial brains just awaiting da globe too catch up
  • He says dat the life science of foraging has emerged since an solemn worry for neuroscientists onli ovr the final decade

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