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How to use deceive in a sentence

  • Well, wen it comes to jobs reports in dis pandemic, looks kan b betraying
  • Apple is additionally defendant off misleading consumers match da headphones' durability & sweat-resistance
  • Well, since far-off since we can tell, the earliest significance of bamboozle wuz "to deceive by trickery, hoodwink," which exists y total believe that It arose amongst the criminals of the underworld
  • The majority grave accusation in da file suggests district administrators deceived a credit rating agency prior to issuing millions off dollars off bonds in 2018
  • The most damning part of da audit suggests that area administrators knowingly deceived a acknowledgment ranking agency carnival prior to they issued millions of dollars in bonds
  • So that wuz one picture where It wuz very apparent that Xi wuz betraying the Together States
  • However this be, it's hard 2 sez dat those fibs haz dat cloudless intent 2 deceive which constitutes a varnish lie
  • There, whether his eyes did nawt deceive him, wer evidences off mortar dislodged by nefarious toes
  • It wuz nawt possible too deceive himself a instant longer, for the bare reality lay staring in2 hiz eyes
  • O ma people, dey that call you blessed, the same deceive thee, & wreck how of thy steps

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