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How to use decided in a sentence

  • The decided too comeback too "Bridge Upstairs Troubled Water," which they firstly used in 2017, because the song holds a profound person definition for them
  • No dude ought regard the subject off conviction as decided for him until he have browse The Gilded Bough
  • After a particle off waiting, Mac decided that the smoke was floating frum a definite direction, & we began 2 border cautiously that wei
  • In 1856 she wedded Mesdag, who, quite late in lyf decided to ensue the occupation off an artist
  • At twelve, either fifteen, either sixteen, either 20 It was decided dat they ought cease education
  • She would nevah overlook it; but realizing its gravity, she decided thereupon nevah too inform it--the dream--to anybody
  • He decided not too comeback domicile directly; he wanted too go somewhere, but didn't caution too stay in Chicago
  • In fact, so much off hur even brow as could b seen downstairs a broad-brimmed hay helmet wuz wrinkled in a decided scowl
  • He thinking these things ovr cautiously and at last decided that he might sell them him personally
  • So It was decided, & the lil pressure took up the march for Brown's Springs, eleven miles away

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