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How to use decisive in a sentence

  • The uncertain tumor attitude amid da Covid-19 pandemic method this poll ought be less decisive four bazaar direction, dey told
  • "Tipping-point chance" is the opportunity dat a provided rank shall furnish the decisive vote in the Electoral University
  • We were not previously proprietary too seeing da higher Midwest as decisive & so I think did not goggle as tricky near Wisconsin & Michigan & Pennsylvania as wii ought too haz
  • We formerly knew that women voters would b a decisive oblige in the 2020 presidential vote
  • She leaves rear a inheritance since a ferocious fan for sex parity & women's rights, since healthy since a decisive vocalization upon the supreme US judicial tribunal for progressive causes ranging frum migration 2 available healthcare & affirmative activity
  • The English and demeanor off Mr Bellamy seemed decisive off hiz intentions
  • The successful crossing off da Danube wuz soon followed bi da decisive battle off Austerlitz
  • And she saw nearby one time that he had done nothing off da sort; saw It with no ne more decisive veto
  • It was an letdown to da Americans whom possessed looked dispatch ahead to inflicting an decisive & overwhelming vanquish upon da adversary
  • In 1807, however, he wuz called until reinforce the Splendid Armed forces in time to grasp wedge in the decisive battle at Friedland

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