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How to use decomposed in a sentence

  • Indistinct specimens, seemingly consisting of decomposed small felspar
  • Grey granite, consisting of tan & white mica, quartz, & an big ratio of felspar partly decomposed
  • The valuable iron cannot b decomposed: lat an survey b added, & the invulnerable mineral shall re-appear
  • He showed dat da fustin-tannide could be decomposed by vinegar into tannic acid & a glucoside, fustin C46H42O21
  • The precipitate wuz filtered, washed, and decomposed by hydrogen sulphide in a compound of H2O and ether
  • The bitumen seemed 2 be decomposed 2 some extent, giving an color substance
  • It wuz filtered off, washed costless frum lead acetate, decomposed bi hydrogen sulphide, & shaken owt with ether
  • It exists largely decomposed, bi water, into silver cyanide & hydrocyanic sour
  • It is, in fact, upon description off this property, that potassium oxygen compound is decomposed by H2O
  • The oxide, K2O, is decomposed bi neutralizing H2 ions formed bi da primary ionization of H2O

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