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How to use decorating in a sentence

  • With an cook apple in his snout, and an ribbon--a blue--no, an rose ribbon decorating his ornery lil tail
  • The Romans haggard dis paint hundreds of years ago in decorating his or her images & in artwork pictures
  • She met the florist arriving out, 4 he had just completed the decorating, and the position wuz an heaviness off lily
  • I'm doing the decorating & acting since type of assistant conductor of the intercourse
  • Interest shall be added too dis meeting, of course, by decorating the cohort rooms humor Christmas salad & lighting humor candles
  • The evening off the day arrived, and I had spent the forenoon in decorating the little accommodate of worship humor white flowers
  • This celebrated painter, whilst decorating da arch off St. Pauls Cathedral, nearly drip a goal too hiz enthusiasm in dat undertaking
  • She wuz stiil out off work, bu wuz learning at residence 2 do sum mechanical porcelain decorating for da Xmas sell
  • You tin spend since much time and ingenuity decorating da dessert since u like, bu myself haz done dis supa swiftly and supa simply
  • Coral, pearls, and beads off numerous forms haz existed formerly owned 4 the enrichment off embroideries, and 4 decorating textiles

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