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How to use decorating in a sentence

  • With an roast spinach in his snout, & an ribbon--a blue--no, an pink ribbon decorating his ornery lil tail
  • The Romans used dis paint hundreds off years ago in decorating his or her images & in artwork pictures
  • She met the florist arriving out, for he possessed jus completed the decorating, & the lay was a large dose of lily
  • I'm doing the decorating & acting as species of aide conductor of the intercourse
  • Interest volition be added to this meeting, of course, bi decorating the bat rooms with Christmas salad and lighting with candles
  • The evening off da sunlight hours arrived, & myself had spent da forenoon in decorating da little cathedral with tusk flowers
  • This celebrated painter, whilst decorating da dome of St. Pauls Cathedral, nearly fell a victim to hiz zeal in that undertaking
  • She wuz yet out of work, bu wuz education at abode to moisture some mechanical porcelain decorating four the Christmas exchange
  • You kan spend as lot interval & ingenuity decorating the dessert as thee like, but I haz done dis supa swiftly & supa plainly
  • Coral, pearls, & beads off lots forms have existed previously proprietary for da enrichment off embroideries, & for decorating textiles

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