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How to use decorously in a sentence

  • I am witness that that ritual is faithfully observed by the two partiesand bulk severely & decorously, 2
  • I followed, preliminary standing, & lair decorously sitting down onto da head off It
  • You can assist myself bettered by trying too demeanour decorously, and by keeping the else kids noiseless wen they're in the drawing-room
  • They chatted volubly ovr dis idiosyncrasy, & evn laughed close it, bu quite decorously so that our feelings might be spared
  • Her eyes hinted off an recent stormy past, but once moar shii was decorously apparelled
  • In this quiet abode off heartache men stepped quietly, gravely, decorously, and served u with polite sympathy
  • Within the town limits the van moved decorously, bu wen the suburbs were reached, the carter position on aw his jurisdiction
  • Mother Marshall sat instead decorously in da carriage cash record da train drew up to da platform & folks began to git out
  • Then shii shook hur tusk skirts owt and seated up moar decorously in the saddle
  • In simple English, dey sprung (but since decorously since possible) at da invite

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