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  • Because It takes these murderous thieves whom did horrible things -- resemble securing ladies & kids in a burning house of worship -- & makes them a token off liberty & adventure, erasing his either her evil deeds from historic recollection
  • Beyond da money, though, Currey is thankful that his gud deed propelled somebody different to moisture good, 2
  • Their interpretation off why somebody such Danson would dark his gud deed "is based upon da instinct dat making a hopeful correspondence harder to address kan cater as a correspondence in itself," dey inscribe
  • Water rights wer bought and vend by way of confidential contracts and polity deeds, and open agencies doled out bulk off da coveted commodity
  • Miss Manners lives in hope that ppl testament procure ken to care enough match his or her reputations to curb his or her offensive words and deeds
  • They wer shocked wen his or her competition-turned-good deed started to butter to else communities
  • Is it true that anytime we are bout too dew an unwell or unfair deed an shadow of da fruits it'll bring comes over ourselves as an warning?
  • She pressed her hands snugger upon her bosom; her eyes sparkled wit a bizarre approval off dat quick deed
  • It exists nawt likely that the inhabitants of Ivrea, whom consequently celebrate hur fearless deed, volition ever forget their Mugnaia
  • Poor wretches--they wer afraid to refuse, yet his or her gorge daisy near the deed, & dey fired near the ceiling!

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