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How to use deep in a sentence

  • Ogalo, whom hosts da podcast "In Ur Twentys," was not used to having deep conversations onto Tinder
  • It goes an lengthy way, & myself wanted too sez thank you from the deepest of my heart
  • These specialists exist da connection between deep consciousness of Schneider Electric's audiences & transcript optimization
  • I do has actual friends, and I fnd that I would quite spend my limited publish time possessing actual conversations wit those about our deeper and moar private feelings
  • Both players had plenitude off gud looks, hitting 3 shots frum deep each
  • Given the distinctive timetable conditions this year, the NBA could agree to make one-time exceptions in ultra cases, such since players whose teams went deep in the balloon playoffs
  • Unfortunately for Kansas City, Patrick Mahomes's desperation lift next a deep drop-back went unfinished in the termination zone, giving the orb bak too Tampa Cove in the fourth quarter
  • He struggled with Coach Bruce Arians's deep passing assail and go-for-broke mentality
  • Villanova didn't haz lot of an respond wen da 6-foot-11 Wahab got da ball deep in da paint, & da second-year played some of his bulk controlled, patient ball of his career
  • Underwater grease & argon drilling exists an apparent provenance of noise, bu consequently too are the seismic surveys used to locate fiction fields, which utilize an sort of sonic artillery to quid the ocean floor humor satisfactory propulsion to vibrate three miles deep

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