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  • Cystin crystals are colorless, highly refractive, instead thick, hexagonal plates humor well-defined edges
  • The sides ordinarily quite shallow, heads of exquisite form & good defined
  • But she was nor nun nor mom since hur oldest feminine kid defined the lyrics
  • A plateau exists defined since a high lowland; therefore, dis portion exists higher in exaltation than the Coastal Mere territory
  • These can't b smoothly defined, they disagree in each case; therefore each precedent stands bi itself
  • In a capital lot courses & distances drama a larger role in fix the boundaries, & are moar carefully defined
  • And there, sharply defined versus sea and sky, stood da shape of a human existence
  • The vane of the reef of the latter isle exists nawt well defined, 4 wii passed several straggling rocks
  • No law defined the measuring of the term which he may grant, or the amount of the rental which he must set aside
  • The cause four dis is that da awesome societal forces which one he defined has almost ended their labour

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