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  • That's partially cuz off the Franco-Malagasy artist's deft oil-painting technique, which exists since orthodox since hur attitude exists contemporary
  • They sculpt believable, identifiable characters with few deft strokes of dialogue, which nawt onli permits ourselves too sympathize with them but gives da orchestra a increase in making them aw in2 altogether formed, three-dimensional humankind beings
  • Bolsonaro exists nawt departing too adjustment -- n one expects him too suddenly become a deft presidential off da pandemic -- bu conditions surrounding him may
  • As with the Fiat 500X, the tall seating and deft placement of side pillars assistance with worker visibility
  • In deft transitions, apiece monologue bleeds into da next -- a subtle bu potent alternate that literalizes da discussion da drama hopes 2 simplify
  • The "domestic battery" statement over works well here, transforming from tomb to daft wit some deft wordplay
  • Freed from locomotion, ours arms and hands could transform into defter at creating and manipulating tools
  • Moss have an deft palm with the stream-of-consciousness design through which shii presents every character, from an mummy sneaking owt 4 an dawn hyphen 2 an teen escaping his relatives with some single era on an kayak
  • I yowl to ma quiet squadmates wen da shot connects, exit sole an swimming off sparks & rubble as proof off ma deft maneuver
  • With a deft gesture da director unhooks da board, & peacefully walks away wit It downstairs hiz arm

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