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How to use delicate in a sentence

  • Trimming olfactory liver hairs exists delicate, subjective business, & the Norelco have dat firmly in mind
  • The sheer crystal makes 4 a delicate & singular wei too recital plants
  • There's an ambiance intake onto each side, and da entire butt of da robot is vented 2 funnel peppery ambiance away frum da delicate components midland
  • The demo showed It stacking dissimilar delicate vino glasses onto head of every else onto a unknown outdoors part
  • Worse, he said, exists that he possessed spent years excavation & rigging holes to H2O farm animals based on whr rain pools, a delicate contrivance that'd b jeopardized bi trenching & edifice
  • It was delicate & dangerous, & It'd take 2 surgeries to git It aw
  • The flowers germinate in clusters frum the extremities of the stalk; they're color externally and of an delicate scarlet within
  • This Captain Kirton was really da finest off da Kirton bunch: an quiet, unassuming young man, partly delicate in welfare
  • Isabel had a peek of a delicate high-bred face accumulation like a embark in a parted curtain
  • Indifferent health, four he wuz delicate too, wuz 1 of da bonds between ourselves

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