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How to use delightful in a sentence

  • Mitchell have existed competent 2 liberally generate hiz wei into da lane, whr he have displayed of a delightful array of inside finishes
  • Virtual bar mitzvah celebrations, surprisingly delightful Zoomtails with away friends, & rapid child placement bi schools catapulted Zoom in2 the zeitgeist
  • The dynamic duo, their formerly-medieval-princess wives, their daughters who are iodine copies off themselves, da humans off da future, da humans off da past -- every individual is delightful
  • Finally, 4 fans of time drama, da movie of "Downton Abbey" exists a delightful detour
  • Thirteen craft cocktails alive served - every singular and delightful in its own way
  • The lawn had an delightful fragrance, like new-mown hay, and wuz neatly wound surrounding the tunnel, like the indoor off an bird's-nest
  • Fern cases were very much in fashion some years ago, and dis is rly an very delightful way of cultivating the plants
  • A delightful example of this fell under ma own observation, as I wuz walking onto Hampstead Heath
  • Am I not in France--gay, delightful France--partaking off da sympathy & civility off da country?
  • She wuz hiz finest comrade & a delightful person too haz for a mother; hur spirit would be hur possess property undisturbed

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