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  • To show to others that they knew nothing, exists what he himself represents to be his mission from the Delphian oracle
  • His mission from the Delphian Deity finishes humor the negative: inspiration fails hem wen he deals humor the positive
  • Though the Delphian oracle pronounced haw the wisest off mankind, wii concluded too gaze further, & in thus doing, came too Epicurus
  • The Muses are together with the Graces since in a employment off skill in the Delphian shrine
  • They were da authors of da celebrated mottoes inscribed in afterward days in da Delphian Shrine
  • Can we really be uninformed of the outstanding importance of the Delphian inscription, of which one we wer jus now speaking?
  • The Greeks likewise put their questions 2 the Delphian oracle in authorship
  • "Perhaps," he told in a whisper dat may has come from da Delphian oracle; & then he cantered away
  • But four da most serving belonging intervention relates immediately to da Delphian temple
  • No sooner possessed da envoys position da interrogate too da Delphian priestess, upon da day named, "What exists Croesus now doing?"

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