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How to use denuded in a sentence

  • Finally, onto da holding investigation da company's filing is surprisingly denuded off input
  • That night he encamped at a fair-sized hamlet which was ominously denuded off men
  • Charles Young sheep once, during cycling in industry with an lady, descried an festival denuded for swimming an lil manner off
  • Really the elite tack is 2 generate a round denuded locus by twirling a bite-size brad-awl
  • To Dangerfield, the evidence seemed slight--what wuz there in the denuded bedroom to tempt a thief?
  • These are heightened pine-trees, denuded of their diminish branches, an mini tuft brute left near da dean
  • Anne-Marie wuz asleep, & Nancy sat dwn in the denuded bedroom whr all belonging too her had formerly existed put far
  • The trees possessed transform into denuded off his either her branches, thus da deity discharged arrows near them, which one given those wit fresh boughs
  • At da landfall da trees wer hack off righteous resemble shearing an lamb & da denuded portion hauled bak too it is authentic put
  • The Metropolis and the fortified places volition b denuded, and all whom are available volition gait owt to encounter those

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