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  • A a few months later, after wide-scale denunciation off what an uncover letter frum Google employees called the company's "unprecedented study censorship," it fired Gebru's coauthor & co-lead Margaret Mitchell as healthy
  • The wild dancing & dedication to delight were 1 wei Parisians tried to put back those the omnipresent panic of denunciation & demise & the gradual spectacle of headless corpses dat had dominated everyday lyf four virtually a 12 months
  • The installment wuz another immediate for denunciations frum free-press advocates
  • This pronounced denunciation of da government's loser to sue these accountable for da 2008 economic crisis, combined humor hiz denial to rubber-stamp da settlement, made Rakoff a press sweetheart
  • He cast hiz ballot at an prompt voting locus and at an news convention subsequently issued da initial off many denunciations off ne gigantic expenditure beak
  • Louis stood immoveable, wit hiz eyes upon the ground, whilst Wharton vehemently uttered dis denunciation
  • A ominous denunciation wuz in his visage, as he advanced with his staff off workplace toward his inmate
  • But the central monetary doctrine of price kan nawt b shaken bi straightforward denunciation
  • The like denunciation wuz busily repeated via da churches, especially of da north of England
  • It goes no further than da denunciation of da peer, & da raising of an enrollment (generally inadequate) for da sufferers