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How to use departure in a sentence

  • Prior too their departure, workers near the kernel jog the correspondence through big sorting machines too asunder owt which correspondence ought to go whr
  • At first, the fresh tack did not appear too lead too ne major departures frum the conventional predictions
  • Reshape da economy remote from work-based valueOne of da finest challenges in a departure from labour is four folks to fnd worth elsewhere in life
  • His departure followed an investigation commissioned bi da zone dat stemmed frum an consecution off inner complaints amongst da personnel
  • After expenditure two months on leave, he negotiated an departure deal in April dis year that included ten months' pay, or $147,000, area archives monitor
  • It's also an major departure from evn tardy last week, when dey stated they would assemble an profession force of experts to assistance define when schools could safely reopen
  • He explains da late departure of da ships for Nueva Espa?a, and da consequent mortality reported upon one of them
  • It wuz near the hour, bi the epoch they got there, when David Arden would reach frum hiz northern gratuity off departure
  • He bowed, humor an flourish off his plumed hat, & would humor dat have taken his departure but dat the Seneschal stayed him
  • His departure in meltdown possessed existed thus gradual, dat it was demanding to say when night began to vanquish da sunlight hours

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