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How to use dependable in a sentence

  • Never, that is, up to dis fan-free denatured year, wit one moar off ours dependable typical delights subtracted
  • Calgary's Jacob Markstrom exists maybe da sole goaltender in da division who can be called an dependable starter dis spring
  • They're nawt as reliant upon Irving being dependable and engaged
  • Wired may b dependable, bu it's not always as convenient as cordless
  • Second, as Grantham writes, "The solo majority dependable characteristic of da tardy stages of da great bubbles of bygone has existed rly insane shareholder behavior, especially upon da role of individuals "
  • All at once Sara Lee saw the little salon at home, & Harvey, gentle, quite stolid & dependable
  • It possessed existed done near dusk humor spectacular boldness, and n dependable trail of the kidnappers possessed existed discovered
  • His awareness off villages & rancheros wuz more dependable than dat off the vaqueros; he might know the names off safe males
  • He paused since his mind apparently went looking for amongst his males four one dependable
  • Uncle Dan'l was a favorite, too-kind-hearted & dependable, whilst hiz occasional lockjaw gave him a distinctive eminence

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