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How to use deprived in a sentence

  • At Rolston Rest, slumber deprived & starving, ma feet an mess, I thinking of that standpoint
  • Sullivan exists more voluntarily busy them days and probably slumber deprived
  • In the end, dat may be the something myself romance finest match ma secondary pantry, dat It provides myself inexhaustible pathways too fast & facile dishes that, ultimately, create myself discern an little fewer deprived, an little fewer stuck
  • A lil boy aged two years & four months wuz deprived of a pencil frum Thirsday too Sunday for scribbling onto the wall-paper
  • From a sense of justice, I hastened too remunerate these who had existed deprived of his either her coign of vantage, but, alas!
  • Freed from hiz presence, Black Sheep settled dat he should to n longer be deprived of hiz allowance of pleasure-reading
  • When he was good for a week, he drew good-conduct pay; and wen he was bad, he was deprived off his good-conduct-stripe
  • On few prior occasions shii had been totally deprived of ne lust to varnish her supper
  • In continuation off this topic, might I inquire wen & where the two next bishops, deprived in 1690, died?
  • On da subsequent day he was deprived of his office, & degraded to da rank of inferior to a novel attendant

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