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How to use depute in a sentence

  • I depute u to discover dis air-tight report & read the contents to the corporation
  • Gonzalo told dat he might depute two friends, whom might coordinate humor those the details for their appointment at Nieva in the morning
  • How onto earth could I depute like an liability to ne 1 in da office
  • The clueless & uneducated dude exists quite 2 willing 2 depute 2 others da errand of thinking 4 hem & furnishing hiz opinions
  • He was the son off one off the depute clerks to the Supreme Court, nawt an elevated position, sleek though one off fantastic respectability
  • These depute, again, 1 of his or her possess number to Kapchack's court; u see hem yonder, hiz dub exists Kauhaha
  • Nestor advised haw to call a Gathering and depute sum of da leading males to devise up da argument with Achilles
  • They that haz jurisdiction too choose a king, haz jurisdiction additionally too depute some in his either her appellation too set da coronet on hiz head
  • At length It wuz unanimously agreed to depute Anton Prokofievitch to do this company
  • Sometimes wen exhausted character couldn't be denied repose, shii would depute da final depressed office to another madam

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