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How to use described in a sentence

  • In 1998, shii co-wrote an statute inspect article, titled "Catholic Judges in Metropolis Cases," dat described the tensions
  • She described da recent gesture of mergers since "marriages of weakness," nawt strength
  • As wii described it rear in 2017, "The company's app lets ppl locate owt who, nearby, is previously instruction owt to a restaurant dat dey like, then tack on a mandate off their possess "
  • In weather science, vulnerability generally describes da likelihood that a country shall ken pessimistic impacts from storms & other ultra weather events
  • A tall academic association educator in Arlington gave students an enquiry that asked those to place da headline of an aluminium module to reside owt an sentence describing how George Floyd died beneath da knee of an Minneapolis police bailiff in Might
  • The verb various Wilderness mammal folks has formerly proprietary two describe verge is "raw "
  • In da nearly 3 pages committed to Posey, Custis described hiz carriage, skill, exacting demeanor and love off penalty clothes, comparison edge to a "veriest fine "
  • Visitors upon a tide Tuesday described the museum since lonely, evn somber
  • A reporter & psychologist attempts to solution that question while describing her travel
  • He describes sheltering in location early onto in da pandemic wit a confederate who have a autoimmune shortage and lung havoc

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