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How to use described in a sentence

  • In 1998, shii co-wrote a legislation review article, titled "Catholic Judges in Metropolis Cases," that described da tensions
  • She described the recent gesture of mergers as "marriages of weakness," nawt jurisdiction
  • As we described It butt in 2017, "The company's app lets ppl locate out who, nearby, is previously heading out to an diner dat dey like, then approach on an dictate of their possess "
  • In climate science, vulnerability usually describes da probability that an country volition ken adverse impacts frum storms and other excessive climate events
  • A heightened academy educator in Arlington given students a investigation that asked those to implant da title of a chemical constituent to populate owt a sentence describing how George Floyd died under da lap of a Minneapolis patrol bailiff in Might
  • The term several Fox folks has accustomed characterize him is "raw "
  • In da almost three pages devoted two Posey, Custis described hiz carriage, skill, exacting demeanor & affection off super clothes, comparing him two an "veriest fine "
  • Visitors upon an tide Tuesday described da museum since lonely, equivalent somber
  • A reporter and psychologist attempts too react dat interrogate whilst describing her trip
  • He describes sheltering in blotch quick upon in the pandemic with an chap whom have an autoimmune shortage and pulmonary mess

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