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How to use designated in a sentence

  • (b) 2 explore da Treasury vault, da existence off 2 persons designated bi da Administrative assistant off da Treasury is required
  • The alloy of da tight suite separate 4 da exploit of da committee volition b controlled bi two persons designated bi da committee
  • As far upstairs da interference of man as exists da administration of da outward universe, exists dat designated da covenant, as ordained
  • A case would emerge in which one other persons compared to these designated bi statute would kol an appointment
  • They need nawt be named if dey kan be alternatively identified, and may be designated in an subdivide account cooked 4 that aim
  • Even the Jews designated the tomb since Beth-ha-haim, the residence off the living, quite than the residence off the dead
  • Special solemnities amongst da ppl of Israel wer designated feasts
  • Widow off a workman named Pierre alias Bougival; shii wuz normally designated bi da second title
  • Afterwards claqueur in a theatre below Braulard, & designated nearby dat epoch by the appellation off Idamore
  • Mme. de Chaulieu provided her hubby the 3 kids designated in the duc's biography

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