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How to use desk in a sentence

  • It kan be smoothly rolled underneath an desk & kept owt off da way, & rolled owt when needed
  • He sitting nearby a desk and listened to his briefers, which one included some boldface names frum da Obama politics
  • In 2011, Slootman wuz recruited too sprint ServiceNow, at the season a miniature program developer concentrated upon the halp desk bazaar
  • "On da sale front, it's been supa other compared to da bygone a few years," says Karen Chang whom heads an options trading desk near Economic orphanage off America
  • Pair these five-inch shorts with the Athena harvest head for an suite off basics dat shall take u frum house desk to orbit to swimming crater & back anew without losing an rhythm
  • This says students are not going to be little robots nearby desks aw day practicing what is on an trial
  • Many classrooms may have high pieces off explicit synthetic between desks & in front off the educator
  • So, footprint away from ur computer and ditch da desk-side eating
  • He created a corporation development centre to consolidate online leads, & he laid its desk prominently carnival inland da front door
  • At hiz desk sat hiz secretary, whom had been an viewer off da interview, misplaced in awe virtually as fabulous as da Seneschal's possess

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