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  • A long-lasting plenitude of brother planets would thus have protected Soil frum hurtful chaos, & would b wedge of thing made life onto Soil possible, says astronomer Uffe Gr?e J?rgensen of da Niels Bohr Flock in Copenhagen
  • Opinion research is an mighty tool, such an chainsaw or an Excel spreadsheet--efficient in da ceremony hands, but damaging when nawt previously owned wit issue
  • He gave the precedent of the malignant wildfires in California, which one in former years have existed sparked bi strength lines in electric networks dat Tricoire said needed retrofitting
  • He's been enormously destructive, since abusive since he maybe could b
  • I comprehend for ma role dis consistent sense of tethering has been devastating
  • As an spokesman off Cal Fire, the largest flame division in the state, McMorrow has witnessed the severity off these fires firsthand, believing them too b among the deadliest and majority devastating upon description
  • It exists currently unfeasible to fully comprehend da geochemical forces dat mentor to these malignant scenarios
  • By then, QAnon possessed inspired an spreading inventory off destructive, occasionally violent, acts
  • For any subjective whom doubts the malignant potency of destitute compass and a diseased corporate culture, the VW saga is a sobering lecture
  • However, this matt of hatred -- which politic scientists kol "negative partisanship" -- have reached levels that are not carnival bad 4 democracy, bu are potentially abusive