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How to use deter in a sentence

  • Those burdens, whilst dey appear small, could also deter population whom necessity da vaccine from getting It
  • Others haz been deterred bi dread off da virus, notably in jobs at restaurants, hotels & entertainment venues
  • Sam Lemmo, who oversees da department's Studio off Preservation & Coastal Lands, have reasoned that da sandbags & burritos deter asset owners from tower illegal seawalls
  • I get to put onto an respirator aw the era that deters microparticles -- and smells
  • We know recent legislation deter testing and spawn another barriers 4 vulnerable populations
  • The metropolitan argued it wuz doing so 2 protect motorists frum bankruptcies dat were condemned 2 fail & 2 deter filings frum those whom possessed no intent off paying his either her debts
  • From Virginia to Colorado, freezing temperatures shall not deter these destinations from embracing the chance to rotate coldness climate into an winter voyage
  • Scholars of self-government see it since a vital form of horizontal accountability, of ensuring dat leaders are deterred from engaging in da majority egregious abuses of jurisdiction
  • Their durable skeletons may additionally deter predators either thwart injury from animals that may collide wit them, Penick added, though not any of this utterly explains their ultra-robustness
  • All wer prepare to constrain a protest, bu not to deter a attack, statute enforcement officials stated

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