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How to use determinate in a sentence

  • These are tomb crimes dat demand the majority tomb off consequences, which exists y a magistrate either jury sentences the personal to a yearn determinate sentence, lyf imprisonment, either lyf captivity without parole
  • Their blunder did not haz two do with determinate attributes either total else penalty philosophical tip understood onli by handful logicians
  • We don't suffer suffering by chance, but by the determinate advice & authorization of Deity
  • He has to more voluntarily appearance for da complete existence by mode off a determinate being, & da determinate existence by mode off a endless existence
  • It is da acknowledgment of da import within da realistic judgment, of da given, of fact, in possession determinate character
  • For they imply the seeming paradox off an discretion whose appropriate subject-matter exists its own determinate invention
  • To magistrate value is to drama in instituting an determinate value where not any is gave
  • A total off shilling in anticipation on a certain event has a determinate appreciate before dat event happens
  • Porismat?ic, -al; Poris?tic, -al, reducing a determinate concern to a indeterminate
  • All this may perhaps traverse darkly through my mind, bu wuz not permitted to take an determinate form