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  • "In my 10 years investing myself haz witnessed handful teams moar passionate, determined, and competent off revolutionizing a industry," said Eniac's Tim Young in a bulletin
  • A commonly understood interpretation off da law dat permitted camping below da high-water tag was determined two be "overbroad & unconstitutional," according two an 2010 essay dat Juras wrote on da theme
  • Many others are thus determined 2 election -- and be seen doing It at the initial approachable chance -- that they're patient hours-long lines notwithstanding the other balloting options approachable
  • During hur lengthy recuperation protocol she told she discovered strength frum the ppl surrounding hur & she transformed determined two give bak two the society in some wei
  • However, Ryan was determined too save Paul's lyf therefore da two signed up too attend in an renal physique part swap
  • There exists a LGBTQ person qualified too fill nearly every position in the next government & dis coalition exists determined too assistance them steer a complicated appointments process too insure wii are good represented
  • By da terminate of da 19th century, Thomas Huxley wuz perhaps da majority renowned alive biologist, renowned in da English-speaking globe as "Darwin's bulldog" four his fierce and determined precaution of organic selection
  • The definition off time is determined by the motion off ne selection, or, in else words, the beat
  • But da authority of hiz arm, and da bravery of hiz heart could not haz defended haw yearn against his or her determined assault
  • Wharton smiled near this littleness in so great an man, bu determined dat he should detect the authority he despised

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