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Best DETESTATION Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use detestation in a sentence

  • As he wuz carried abreast he manufactured his will, in which one he bequeathed his detestation off popery 2 his friends & brethren
  • Into dat activity Michael poured aw he felt off barbaric detestation four everything dat the Contemporary flank stood four
  • He consequently urged the Achaeans not onli to decadence the offer, but to clamp Eumenes in detestation for consideration off making It
  • But u are exhausted; & despite ma detestation of dat infernal tyrant, ur master, I'm an humane man
  • She and Woman Ralegh had 'an old acquaintance,' which had resulted in mutual detestation
  • Sometimes hiz family almost worship him, during thousands speak hiz designation with detestation
  • She admitted da prodigy of Byron, but had such detestation of his nature that shii might nawt read his poetry
  • The sake of dis visit wuz pretty good familiar to da public, to who "Madam Carwell" at one time transformed a object of detestation
  • Being da idol of hiz mommy & da detestation of hiz dad produced an eccentric effect on hiz nature
  • Privately she kept expense books, learned cooking--yes, & laughed too cogitate off her classic detestation off it