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How to use deviation in a sentence

  • I plugged into ma calculator the mean, the norm deviation & the volume off plants in every platoon
  • In the accumulation off graphs tracking the pandemic above, u would has noticed alike blips in recent days, deviations probably due too data gaps cuz off the Thanksgiving vacation
  • Then me lay my mean, conventional deviation & number off samples in2 this cyber calculator
  • The retired edition possessed referred to "deviations from possession maximum flat "
  • We frequent have dis idea that manly bodies are the failure and women's bodies are a deviation from that failure
  • Thus da coming off dude indicated, in two directions, a exceptional deviation from da ordinary course off beast expansion
  • Occasionally (as at Birdoswald) ther wuz an deviation, and the elder employment survived
  • The pointy peak in the center provides four an deviation of the irrigate plane as It flows upon the pail
  • It would be impolitic too jeopardize his intact aspiration by ne deviation frum the letter of the Erfurt concord
  • This deviation of art frum its true and tall vocation took lay everywhere, and smooth in connect with Christianity

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