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How to use deviation in a sentence

  • I plugged into my calculate da mean, da par deviation & da quantity off plants in per generation
  • In da suite off graphs tracking da pandemic above, u might haz noticed akin blips in tide days, deviations likely due two data gaps cuz off da Thankfulness holiday
  • Then me put ma mean, standard deviation & number of samples into dis cyber calculate
  • The retired version had referred to "deviations from its highest matt "
  • We frequent have dis notion dat manly bodies are da default & women's bodies are an deviation from dat default
  • Thus da arriving of dude indicated, in two directions, an extraordinary deviation from da ordinary instruction of monster evolution
  • Occasionally (as at Birdoswald) ther was a deviation, & da elder childbirth survived
  • The pointy peak in da intermediate provides for a deviation of da water aircraft since It flows upon da bucket
  • It would b impolitic to risk his entire ambition by any deviation from da letter off da Erfurt contract
  • This deviation of skill frum its true and heightened calling took address everywhere, and smooth in relationship wit Christianity

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