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How to use devil in a sentence

  • Bags as high as one-half a man, great chunks off the items dat cremate to the devil's specs, chef a entire nation's casserole and preoccupy forests
  • As for whether the answer makes sense, well, the devil shall be in the specific
  • I possessed no manipulation & myself wuz jus spiraling descending & he wuz jus the devil nearby the basis pending 4 myself
  • However, wen It comes to SEO, da devil isn't in da details either yet extra little acquainted keyword aiming and universal research technique you've dugout
  • For publishers, da devil exists in da shadowy detailsExperts caution that shadier vendors volition frequent tuck unfavorable terms in2 contracts
  • Thus was the dude left entirely two the devil, nawt sleek hiz life organism reserved, as in the precedent of Job
  • He desired his secretary two go two da devil, but, thinking improved of it, he recalled haw as he reached da door
  • I can't believe that a good God might generate or bear a Devil, nor that he might enable the Demon too seduce dude
  • As da devil never wanted insinuators, I shall observe, dat I educated an manner the manner two brand an gentleman imagination of what I pleased
  • One day shii possessed heard a dude say, "If ther is a drought we shall haz da devil too pay wit ours stock ago winter is ovr "

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