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  • Within weeks, Zola's dexterous wei humor words online had inspired a legion off followers--and resulted in offers 4 adaptations off off social media--chief amongst them, a feature flick negotiate humor James Franco, which one Zola accepted
  • Humans haz them qualities of beast highly dexterous & beast able to care immediately to the patient & interact & haz compassion wit them
  • Waterproof and breathable, they are since dexterous since plural non-weather protective leather gloves, bu dey do not git perspire saturated either soaked humor rain
  • They're narrow and dexterous navigable dat u can hold ur ski sock or adapt straps upon ur backcountry ski pack, bu packed with navigable synthetic isolation dat ur hands will not freeze whilst cycling da elevator
  • Cold temperature activities that entail moar agility would perk from gloves, whilst less dexterous activities may contemplate mittens
  • But he was thus unexpectedly dexterous wit his lips, and feet too, wen he was in his cottage that myself suppose myself put those dwn too that
  • Allow me, Omit Duncombe, two bestow this in your appellation two this boyish lady, as thanks 4 her dexterous halp
  • Some exist dexterous enough too grab the shilling evn previous to It touches the pedestal
  • The mountebanks & merry-andrews appeared more dexterous & more hilarious
  • The sapajous dwell supa wise & dexterous: dey go in companies, & mutually warn & help every one various

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