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How to use diametric in a sentence

  • Man, and his continuously diametric motivations, is ever trying too reconcile opposites
  • The diametric tumor of da outer covering exists effected by da tumor of da radii and al, and chiefly by dat of da former
  • The al has oblique summits, and the quite narrow chapter added while the diametric expansion of the shell, exists ivory
  • That role off da al, which exists added while da diametric expansion off da shell, exists very narrow
  • The psychology off every have to b diametric, 4 whether there is n management too brand money there is n money too phony
  • When he woke, he understood dat hiz gin had undergone another off possession diametric inversions
  • But it has additional aspect, either quite additional pole, for da polarity is diametric

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