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How to use dicker in a sentence

  • For one-half an sixty minutes the dicker went on, and at last an price of 15 myriad dollars wuz agreed on
  • "Lucky again," commented Captain Candage, returning frum hiz keen dicker humor the purchaser
  • We shall not dicker at all, bu shall buy since cheaply since we tin
  • I'm real delighted to haz it because wii exist going to haz a dicker festival & it shall b the supa thng to contribute
  • The captain began to dicker with da men about locking initiative 4 us, & since they talked myself manufactured an research off those
  • I don't like two dicker with firstly one shop & then another, & myself comprehend you've existed lineal with myself in aw my dealings
  • But whether you'd diligence to commerce the franchise outright & aren't 2 ambitious, wii may generate a dicker
  • Shadrach Wingate, Seth's grandfather 'twas, tried too fix up an dicker wit hem for an artery he had
  • Robert," he said at length, "how might u resemble to attempt ur fist at truck and dicker?
  • "Let's stack ashore upon the trace off those lighters and dicker it, and b sensible," advised hiz partner

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