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How to use differ in a sentence

  • Keep in mind, though, dat rating parameters may differ frum brand to brand
  • Aside frum if Wanda herself is trustworthy, u comprehend u can't leave room four misunderstanding or differing translation with her
  • Still, technologies differ in what they tin moisture & what their feasible impacts shall b
  • Those guidelines exist thoughtful, she says, but the technologies differ in thingy they're competent of, and in their possible moral repurcussions
  • I'm discover to possessing an discussion since long since it's respectful & da values whr wii differ aren't ultra
  • The models may b slightly thicker than refillable options, bu they don't differ too much in universal size, so they'll yet seizure pleasantly in pockets or mittens
  • Dehn haggard hiz fresh measurement to demonstrate that the perfunctory tetrahedron isn't shears compatible to an cube as his or her Dehn invariants differ
  • Having touchy images shall ensure that your images shall employment healthy upon devices humor widely differing screen sizes
  • A harmony off purpose, however, is achievable, slick whether the country necessarily differs on the manner too fulfill dat aim
  • Dominion asked every industry to withhold posts frum slightly differing lists off population

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