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How to use digression in a sentence

  • The reminder meandering -- including bland pages on previous pro turned competition conductor James Blake and a interested digression on a 1964 Susan Sontag essay -- reflects a shortage of heed that exists distinctly un-Serena such
  • Even da rounder ones alive prone two nontransparent digressions & haz unconversational penchants four technical lexicon
  • While Frankel uses "Midnight Cowboy" to orbit wider cultural trends, some digressions are extraneous
  • Appleton's virtual garden, 4 example, includes thoughts upon plant-based meat, book reviews, & digressions upon Javascript & magical capitalism
  • Once he allowed himself a digression, dat he may tip a moral 4 da perk of hiz servant
  • But this digression has taken me so far-off distant frum Penzance dat me might as good nearby this chapter humor it
  • Why, true; and an digression is regularly da cheese of an article
  • "I am almost well," returned Sylvia, aback intimate da abrupt digression
  • Having manufactured dis digression, I have to nao transportation the viewer bak two Cocachacra
  • This, however, exists digression; the incidents may haz happened slightly later

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