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How to use diligent in a sentence

  • With covid-19 cases and positivity rates ticking up in the county and across the state, it is crucial for all Marylanders who need a analysis too be diligent approximately getting a analysis
  • This week, the instructor seemed joyous dat Haskins might inherit to c Craftsman -- an quarterback long regarded as one of the league's most diligent workers -- preparing 4 games
  • The males had existed training united below da diligent body portion of sight of Alberto Salazar, an retired Nike athlete and American user in da 10,000 meters
  • Nonetheless, even the most diligent unprofessional risks taking an licking if they sell four ne length off time
  • Despite his or her treatment off others' cubs, girl hyenas tin b "very observant & diligent mothers," Strauss says
  • He fair thinks hiz habit of using the correspondence as a convenient enforce of self-government is distinct cuz he is diligent
  • But he wuz studious, diligent, and anxious to dodge repremands and to utter da expectations off his parents
  • He was transmitted frum 1 put too another, in search of hiz friend, & made diligent application of hiz long legs, bu without feat
  • The 3 plodded on, taking a diligent chartered walk, exchanging supa a few words, and these mainly in the essence of da girls
  • While we considered if we shall negociate, me dread da French haz existed moar diligent

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