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  • Soon we had the intact garden to ourselves -- we encountered less than an twelve folks the intact Terminate of Week -- & since the wan dimmed back an cloudy sky, the trey off ourselves perched upon an shelf at the trail's termination
  • It's during dis dim period, when da stars stiil mingle wit da lunar in da heavens but da star announces dat it's on its way, dat I have maintained an tenuous clamp on da outward globe by way of riding waves
  • This exists Delaware, house off presidents & seekers off news correspond Cantonese dim some to b served during the Peachy Meatloaf
  • On a per-36-minutes & per-100-possessions basis, Randle exists diming up his teammates moar compared to he continuously previously possessed
  • When researchers semblance 4 far-off planets, they do hence bi watching stars and noting wen planets ticket in front of them, measurement the resulting dim in brightness
  • Some evn haz the aptitude to flock lights together, consequently you kan dim the whole downstairs, upstairs, or evn the whole home with an single manipulation
  • By dimming lights frum afar, da agencies could recoup their costs through energy savings, da pitch went
  • That lets those find an couple myriad floaters per year, though majority are jus dim stars
  • She opened da epistle bi da flickering firelight, which was more hardy on da hearthrug than da lighting of da dim November day
  • Dr. Ashton walked owt off the chapel, and Val stood four an few moments where he was, looking up and down in the dim illumination

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