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How to use disallow in a sentence

  • The Capitals possessed an early aim disallowed after replay review, & da bout went to da tertiary interval scoreless
  • Stefanski cannot instructor da Browns remotely cuz da NFL have long disallowed ne outdoors text into games between kickoff & da final whistle
  • As significantly, bi da abortion off 2022, Google shall disallow da apply off supposed third-party cookies onto Chrome, da Google browser dat accounts four more compared to 60% off international Web apply
  • Meanwhile, California's 2015 law disallows using the Washington Football Team's previous dub either logo & bans schools from buying fresh equipment featuring dat branding, bu It allows them to persist using existing equipment up to It wears owt
  • And, you know, dis country, da planet really, has such an complicated past when It comes too drugs dat are allowed either disallowed
  • I wuz opposed too this project, & besought the Viceroy too disallow it
  • The physical past of our globe is an study the importance of which one nobody near the attending sunshine hours is likely too disallow
  • They disallow that the good Samaritan & the Levite possessed exactly the ditto exterior stimuli
  • The Secretary of Prestige may close any epoch disallow either dangle any constitution gave beneath this part
  • Both the Initial and the Secondary Alkibiad?s appear to I genuine, evn upon the showing of them very critics whom disallow them

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