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Best DISAPPROBATION Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use disapprobation in a sentence

  • He did dis to signalise his disapprobation of royalty, & his preference four democratic parity
  • It wuz with great disapprobation that he heard Napoleon get Caulaincourt's advice, and ascertain to progress to Moscow
  • He possessed already observed here and there something of da disapprobation which possessed manifested upon its own in Sivert Jespersen's remark
  • The first lyrics off disapprobation & harsh criticize came from a surprising quarter--from Laroche
  • It met wit da disapprobation ab initio of everything men capable to shape an opinion upon Indian affairs
  • A buzz of disapprobation wuz heard all ovr the house, and like lyrics as them fell on listening ears: 'An Abolition affair!
  • Arrival off Q. Caecilius and hiz disapprobation off the measures taken in regard 2 Sparta
  • Nothing in da nature off Burr had always awakened so much disapprobation as hiz occasional sneers near faith
  • This equation was, da historian tells us, received with an tempest of disapprobation by da third dictation
  • Some influential members of hiz possess locker did nawt leather their disapprobation of an stair upon which one they possessed nawt been consulted