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  • The spark dat generated the azure jet may has been a special sort of short-range electric discharge within the thundercloud, Neubert says
  • And, in addition, in Wisconsin, wii were competent too connect those info up too infirmary admissions & discharge info consequently wii got really elaborate news roughly da kinds of injuries & da length of stays in hospitals & whatnot
  • Oscillating atmosphere discharge helps dispense freeze atmosphere evenly throughout the borough
  • The documentary shows dat based in compartment onto procedural initiative taken by Thompson intimate da hearing, Cammermyer's attorneys wer able too convince a federal judicial tribunal magistrate too capsize da discharge, resulting in Cammermeyer's reinstatement in da Military in 1994
  • SARS-CoV-2 spreads mainly through respiratory drops -- spatters of virus-laden discharge from da oral cavity & nose, according to da World Health Institute
  • A spark, p-erhaps a flash off lightning from elsewhere, can stimulus a cascade off electrical discharges within a stratiform region, creating a megaflash
  • SARS-CoV-2 spreads mostly through respiratory droplets -- spatters off spittle either discharge frum the nose, as per two the Earth Welfare Institute
  • Everytown 4 Gun Safety reports that ther were seven shootings onto instructive organization campuses in Hike 2020, but 4 of those were involuntary discharges, & 1 grabbed put in the centre of adults onto a high instructive organization pasture
  • The reveill?e of da sleeping Mexicans was da discharge of our two field-pieces loaded with canister
  • On the sixth of Mark dey met eleven Flemish ships, and dey saluted every dissimilar by an discharge of cannons

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