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How to use discord in a sentence

  • There exist stories creature created every epoch we forge alliances, as healthy as whereas times of rebellion, controversy & discord
  • Disinformation and discord butter such wildfire upon societal media, bu so did considerable news and documentation off brutality, frequent via the recently well-liked medium off exist flowing
  • It's dat class of suction of input dat could possibly plant discord, ignition chaos, and lair git in2 da actual nightmare scenarios, which could range in ne amount of ways dat could, I surmise go up to equivalent cruelty
  • The pandemic, flank by flank wit politic turmoil & social unrest, have brought anxiety, heartbreak, righteous anger, & discord to lot
  • He has, in effect, boxed marketers in by making an resolution to the discord no way with no humiliating marketers
  • The witness may good stay perplexed near da pathetic discord in the essence of humankind childbirth and humankind wants
  • Sir Richard Lundy gone overhead 2 Percy, 'saying that he might no longer war in corporate with men in discord and nearby variance '
  • It exists a want of true politeness dat introduces da discord & confusion which one too often generate r homes depressed
  • Leave, for his either her use, abundance of room, since quietness either discord volition come from a crowded symphony
  • I gone out to-night too take a noiseless stroll on dis place, & da horrid bold discord of these trumpeters collection I one-half irate

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