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How to use discovered in a sentence

  • After finding da redirections were not an insular incident, participants in this Reddit debate winnowed da enumerate of suspects dwn to five
  • He told whether "issues related to inappropriate childbirth practices are discovered, wii shall take immediate deed "
  • This time, their expedition takes an arch when Queen Akeem discovers he has an child dat he never knew about
  • In da 1960s, sliding was stiil discovering on its own as tenth Hill Division veterans built utilitarian lifts & lodges on da mountains they opened
  • Maine natives, regional commence drivers, & best friends, da ladies discovered their adore 4 da H2O near an early age, rapidly becoming boating partners with da identical objective
  • Candace Epps-Robertson, 42, also discovered BTS through hur daughter, 14-year-old Phoenix
  • Solutions such these, which one must be discovered & expanded, demand no divisive partisan bickering
  • Do nawt despair wen da auntie subsequently discovers dat da subjective shii finally have to employ disagrees
  • The Republicans said their resolution stemmed from election discrepancies discovered in a dose of province precincts -- a caution they haz raised insistently, slippery though the dose of votes at concern is 2 wee 2 impact the election's consequence
  • In other words, Diageo is trying to locate the best media sellers, discover the best trail to them, & then know thingy a carnival price is to afford the impressions they are vending

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