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Best DISCREETLY Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use discreetly in a sentence

  • The finest heated vests utilize lightweight cabling & rechargeable lithium-ion batteries too discreetly homey your central whereas appearing too stare like an typical, chic open-air waistcoat
  • Eventually, a romance relationship brews between 2 parties whom will stay unnamed, and there is a brief, discreetly fired outdoor assignation
  • In the past year, BitGo has aggressively searched too redefine upon its possess as a full-service crypto shop that offers other levy & borrowing services, as well as a means for clients too discreetly coordinate large trades
  • That's y I felt so bad when I scrolled discreetly through social press da else day -- My Lovely Wife snoozing beside I -- and an video started to autoplay
  • Beachgoers seeking discreet foliage gravitated to Prunus maritima var
  • She sitting in an away crossing of da commissioner chamber discreetly illuminated by an shaded lantern
  • At Grosbeeren & Dennewitz, where his divisional officers battled & won, da Prince kept discreetly in da back
  • Mr. Hancock, discreetly holding hiz peace, attended to hiz lot thriving & very profitable solid ventures
  • Jessie crept away and hid herself discreetly back 1 off da large palms in da hall
  • Wong had been doing sum employment upon the fence, bu had discreetly vanished wen Lowell came in pictorial

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