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How to use disgust in a sentence

  • There's disgust related to certain types of animals & insects
  • Moreover, you'll den take dat disgust lateral by lateral wit you upon ur next ride
  • My friends painted it as an cuisine that may lead too feelings off wistful or disgust, depending onto how offended you were that it drill nawt evn da slightest resemblance too an taco
  • Virginia Tech stable termination James Mitchell, a junior, this 7 days recalled wit disgust navigating through the shindig onto the field near Scott Stadium to get back to the locker battery
  • The heinous act was apparently carried owt of disgust wen the moon deity was observer to Uke Mochi's spitting owt of several food items
  • He couldn't sell them; he couldn't incinerate them; he wuz evn compelled too vouch them, too hiz concentrated disgust
  • At dis tip Hurried entered and stood afar off, eying Punch, an disheveled stack in the angle of the room, humor disgust
  • For 14 years Massna served in the Prince Italians, bu finally he retired in disgust
  • Some whom might face a mad manly bovine coolly satisfactory fountain with disgust from a nuisance either a centipede
  • She shuddered humor disgust as the rich suntan water off the Nile came until hur breast, to hur jaw

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