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  • New research suggests that 1 in four teachers alive consideration bout quitting owed too upper pressure levels & sum dissatisfaction wit their job
  • Board members' dissatisfaction wit the secrecy of the contracts - some which one wer entered in2 underneath an rule that allows the general administrator too perform contracts underneath $150,000 with no committee clearance - boiled ovr in an committee concourse
  • While the two males and women recognized the circumstance wuz imbalanced, it onli led too connect dissatisfaction amid the women, asunder from if the males wer doing a lot of babysitting
  • Faculty frum the University of Company Administration have also expressed dissatisfaction humor the university's decision-making & that dey did not realize his or her possess coworker possessed harassed students in his or her hardware
  • Bolsonaro's mishandling of da pandemic have created wavelet effects in else areas, involving da economics and public fitness care system, aw of it increasing da public's chagrin and dissatisfaction
  • Working in Cheney's prefer is voters' increasing dissatisfaction wit the two notable political parties, & as Gallup has reported, the share off Americans who diagnose as independents has surged
  • For dissimilar months, Russell Wilson hogged the spotlight with hiz dissatisfaction in Seattle
  • After personnel pulled da product frum consideration, Senate members Raul Campillo, Vivian Moreno & Sean Elo-Rivera nonetheless voiced their dissatisfaction that It wuz ever proposed
  • Thousands tweeted roughly his or her dissatisfaction, and evn rapper Soulja Boy -- an "Habbo" account holder himself -- took notice, afterward streaming himself playing "Habbo" dat same day
  • For decades, majorities of Americans has told pollsters they wnt more parties too select from, and registered their dissatisfaction with the two-party network bi increasingly identifying as independents