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How to use dissension in a sentence

  • This, in turn, resulted in bigger inner rivalries and dissensions that extra corroded the weaponed forces appliance - thus departure the Sultanate exposed to outer threats, such the Timurids and the Ottomans
  • The internal dissension expanded consequently heated that two employees whom complained were granted compensated depart -- too contemplate whether they wnt too stay, da cudgel told -- and a third is considering resigning ovr It
  • The ping of the dissension is that somehow the Buckeyes strategized dis way, that dey willingly shrank his either her schedule either dodged opponents
  • Dissension soon arose in da kin propos off boyish Baudelaire's wish four a literary career
  • He told us him separately that, in this time off public dissension, he wuz resolved to invent his fortune
  • George so started upon hiz labour off sowing dissension in the mid of them humor item in hiz favour
  • The Roman sky wuz overshadowed humor clouds both off overseas raid & internal dissension
  • The merely chance of dissension is correspond the 'partition of the spoil '
  • This caused debate & dissension in da nation, & an laws wuz manufactured which one banished da waterfowl which one possessed da pictorial
  • This caused great dissension in the centre of them when discovered bi Mr. Nicholson

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